Equality and Diversity Policy

Wealden Services Ltd is committed to eliminating discrimination and promoting good relations and equal opportunities. As a contractor in multi-racial and multi-cultural areas, it is a key objective of the company to strive towards equality of opportunity.  In pursuit of this aim, the company ensures that its entire staff is aware of, and puts into practice, the following Equal Opportunities statement.

All Staff Treated Fairly

In the provision of contracting services and employment of staff, the company seeks to actively ensure equality of opportunity and treatment for all persons.

No persons or group of persons applying for a job or for contracts with the company will be treated less favorably than any other person because of race, colour, gender, age, ethnic or national origin, because of their religion or sexual preference, physical disability, ill health, appearance or marital status.

Also selection, training, promotion, discipline and dismissal of any member of staff will be carried out in a manner that will not disadvantage them because of their race, colour, gender, age, ethnic or national origin, religion, sexual preference, physical disability, ill health, appearance or marital status.

Minority Groups

In carrying out our equal opportunities policy, we will assist disadvantaged minority groups to benefit from our services by actively producing literature and correspondence encouraging these people to approach us.

The company will continue to seek to identify the needs of disadvantaged minority groups in our areas of operations by establishing relationships with those groups where possible.

As an employer in multi-racial areas, the company actively encourages job applications from members of minority groups. We will provide all members of staff with training facilities to enable them to progress.

Our Commitment

To help us fulfil our commitment to equal opportunity, the company collects data from existing customers, and monitors records of the ethnic/racial origin of all those seeking employment with the company.

In-house and outsourced training will be provided to enable our staff to implement this policy in a constructive and objective manner.

In the composition and operation of our Management Board, the company will be mindful of our commitment to equal opportunity.

Disciplinary Action

Any victimisation, discrimination or harassment of a member of staff, a sub-contractor, client, resident or member of the public due to their race, colour, gender, age, sexual preference, ethnic or national origin, religion, physical disability, ill health, appearance or marital status will be treated as a disciplinary offence.

Regular Training

The company will ensure that all members of staff, sub contractors, clients and consultants are familiar with our equal opportunities policy and will expect them to adhere to this policy. The policy will be communicated to our staff at their induction into the company and at regular training sessions and toolbox talks. Subcontractors, clients and consultants are submitted a copy policy and have to indicate their understanding of and their adherence to the policy in writing. Consultation and education are provided free of charge if required. The company will promote equal opportunities and encourage applications from sub-contractors, clients and consultants from under represented-groups.

Policy Reviews

In order to fulfil our commitment to equal opportunity, the company will ensure that the policy is being carried out, and will constantly review and update, as necessary, the policy and procedure. Changes will be communicated to all relevant parties, with consultation as necessary.


We will ensure that all of our workplaces are accessible, to suit the needs of all staff and visitors as far as reasonably possible. We will manage and review accessibility and ensure that changes are made to accommodate any new requirements wherever possible.

The person responsible for this policy and its implementation is Paul Simmons, Managing Director.

Paul Simmons
Managing Director
This policy is revised annually and when legislation changes

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