Q When will you next be visiting my scheme to carry our your gardening/cleaning visit?

A There is a look up facility on the home page that will give you this information. On the home page click the tab named "Schedules" and follow the instructions. Moat Homes are the only current client with visit dates uploaded to our schedule data base at the moment.

Q Why don't you always come on the same day for each visit?

A There are outside influences that can affect our schedule, weather, sickness, bank holidays, annual leave, traffic jams etc. We will always attempt to visit you on the same day each time we are due, if we cannot please view the schedule page from the home page to find information about changed visit dates.

Q Why don't you clean out the bin store at each visit?

A It may be that the specification your landlord has asked us to work to does not require us to carry out this task, it might be your cleaners are meant to do this. Check out your landlords website to find out what we and our fellow contractors are supposed to do when we are on site.

Q Why do you only cut hedges twice a year?

A This is usually because your landlord has requested within the contract specification that hedges are only cut twice a year. Another consideration is the Wildlife and Countryside Act which restricts hedge maintenance during the nesting season.

Q Why don’t you cut grass when it’s raining?

A We buy the best lawn mowers we can but even these superior machines won’t work when the grass is soaking. We also have to consider our staff’s welfare and health and safety. It is not safe using cutting machinery on slippery lawns. We also need to ensure the safety of residents.


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