Adapting your home

Home Adaptations are the process of making permanent alterations to your home, to make it more suitable for disabled occupants and their families to maintain their independence and dignity. You may well ask, what type of equipment can you provide? will it affect other members of my family? do I have a choice?

Firstly, you are our customer and we will accommodate your choices as much as we can. This may be dependent on who is paying for the works which could be the council, a government grant or yourself. We can remove your bath and replace it with a level entry shower tray - this makes washing much easier. We can place grab-rails to help you support yourself. We can install an electric shower that is easy to operate and will not scald you. We can install non-slip flooring so you don't slip when the floor is wet. We can install a shower seat so you can sit down while washing.We can raise your toilet so it is easier to get on and off.

Outside we can install a ramp to replace steps. We can install handrails to help support you.

We are specialists in home adaptations and have a professional workforce of qualified and experienced trades people, all specifically trained to complete this type of work.

You can rest assured that any work you ask us to undertake will fully meet your expectations.

We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround without compromising on our quality service. A standard bathroom adaptation can take as little as two weeks.


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