Applying for a grant or funding

If you need improvements and adaptations to your home to help you continue to live independently there, you can ask the Environmental Health Department of your local council to do an assessment of your circumstances. Your doctor will usually write a letter to the council confirming your need for an assessment

Usually, an occupational therapist will assess what adaptations would best meet your needs. If they agree that you need adaptations to your home, you may be awarded a Disabled Facilities Grant. Depending on your financial circumstances, you may be expected to pay some of the costs.If you are not awarded agrant the council my fund the works themselves.

Disabled Facilities Grants are available to owners and tenants in both private and social housing up to a limit of £30,000.

For more information on Disabled Facilities Grants and how to apply, go to   

Extra help that may be available

Sometimes, local councils will provide assistance such as low cost loans as well as grants to private homeowners and others to help renovate, repair or adapt their home.

For more information, contact the Environmental Health or Housing Department of your local council.

Specialised Equipment

Adapting your home

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