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Our business is providing outstanding support services for Registered Social Landlords and Local Authorities.

Our goal is ensure we are the natural company of choice for our customers.


Our commitment to excellence

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Below you will see the services we offer to our clients.

Grounds and Cleaning

We are retained by clients to maintain their communal gardens and to carry out the cleaning of communal areas. Importantly, once we have completed our scheduled duties, we will always invite residents to tell us how  we have performed. Spotless entrance halls and beautifully maintained gardens will set your property apart from the rest. It would be our pleasure to maintain your gardens and carry out your cleaning duties. We record information for each visit on smart devices, noting time, date, location, duties and resident satisfaction.

Bulk Rubbish, Fly tip

We collect and dispose of junk, bulk rubbish and fly tipped waste for Registered Social Landlords, Councils and the General Public. What ever it is, we will attend quickly and remove those unwanted items safely and professionally. For your assurance we are registered Waste Carriers. Click the the corresponding green arrow above for more information.

Tree Surgery

Trees are a wonderful asset to any housing scheme but they are not without risk. We can provide regular inspections, surgery and GIS mapping. Click the the corresponding green arrow above for more information.

Passionate about people and where they live

"Passionate about people and where they live" is our company's campaign to give something back to the residents on the schemes we maintain. Each year we make funds available for projects nominated by resident groups to improve and enhance the places where they live. Suggestions such as additional planting, garden benches, artificial plants and prints for entrance halls have all been accepted and actioned in the past.

Social Responsibility

Would you like to work for us? or with us? Would you like to be an apprentice? Or get some work experience? You can work in your own scheme, earn wages, choose your hours, pick your days. Come and join us and we will support your enthusiasm to get employed.

Got a suggestion?  Contact us or tell your landlord.




Our broad range of accreditations means we have the competence required to meet the standards you expect. Click on a logo to find out more.







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